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Bioanalytical services

Analytical chemistry is the back bone of drug discovery. For biologists and researchers working on extracts and natural products selecting the right technique and data collection are quite a challenge. We offer our expertise in data generation and analysis for Natural products, extracts, New Chemical Entities and drugs. The currently available analytical facilities are
Chromatography-HPLC and GC
Spectroscopic analysis- IR and FT-Raman
Differential Scanning Calorimetry and TGA
2D and 3D NMR
Dynamic Light Scattering services
Powder/Single crystal XRD


Ligand based drug design
Structure based drug design
Phylogenetic analysis
Molecular dynamic simulations
Lead screening
Lead optimization
Data mining and curation

Microscopy services

Confocal microscopy
Epi fluorescence
Electronmicroscopy- SEM and TEM
Atomic Force Microscopy

Microbiology studies

Strain characterization
Bio-film characterization
Media optimization
Microbial toxicity- MIC, MBEC

Animal cell culture studies

Cytotoxicity studies - MTT assay, Neutral red assay, Alamar blue assay
Biocompatibility studies
Cell differentiation studies

Medicinal Chemistry

Natural product Isolation & characterization
Chemical characterization including Mass,
NMR and CHN analysis
Enzyme assay design


Permeability studies- Caco2 Permeability - PAMPA
Solubility studies
Plasma Protein Binding studies

Molecular biology

Gene cloning
Gene expression studies and quantification
Protein purification
Enzyme kinetics